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Local Government Wisely Considers Collaborative Consumption

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A new article has appeared in LGAT News, the official publication representing the Local Government Association of Tasmania.  It featuresone of our valued official partners here at Performance Frontiers - Lauren Anderson who is co-founder of the worldwide, Collaborative Consumption movement and Chief Knowledge Officer forCollaborative Lab.

Lauren is a powerhouse Gen Y who walks the talk on the ideas of Social Innovation and Collaborative Consumption. The movement embracing Collaborative Consumption crosses the world, manifesting in hugely successful businesses like  AirbnbZipcar and Taskrabbit.  Driven by an ethos that considers social and environmental impact to be as important as financial sustainability, Lauren has been helping to advance the movement in earnest for 3 and half years.  She has been engaging businesses and government bodies to support and serve a shift in consumer values from ownership to access, so that consumers and providers via network technologies *can do more with less* by renting, lending, swapping, bartering, gifting and sharing products.


Lauren’s association with Performance Frontiers began in 2005 when the practice employed her, straight out of university.  She was originally spotted by Gretel Bakker, Performance Frontiers’ Managing Director while in the last year of her degree in Creative Industries with Queensland University of Technology.  Lauren was developed within the practice to became – at the time – one of our youngest facilitators and keynote presenters.  Together with Performance Frontiers she also developed and toured a successful  public lecture tour on generational segmentation with a focus on Generation Y.

After Performance Frontiers, Lauren expanded her horizons, moving into production co-ordination and event management with major companies, including BVN Architecture (now BVN Donovan Hill). She also pursued further academic study in  social innovation and entrepreneurship, business, philanthropy and nonprofit studies and in 2010 joined forces with global thought leader Rachel Botsman, the year that Botsman released the book What’s Mine Is Yours: How Collaborative Consumption is Changing the Way We Live (Harper Collins 2010).

To say that Lauren has not looked back since joining Rachel Botsman would be an understatement.  She has harnessed her passion to evolve the Collaborative Economy, traveling almost non-stop keynoting and stimulating businesses and government bodies from Europe to South America to embrace the new ethos that is indeed transforming the traditional landscape of business, consumerism, and the way we live.

Today, Collaborative Lab consists of Global Curators and Industry Experts across 30 countries who identify and present emerging examples of this new economy in action. In addition, the venture also maintains an online portal for businesses to access resources, for consumers to find and connect with collaborative economy services already up and running and  aJob Board for people seeking employment with companies from around the world already in the collaborative consumption space.

Lauren Anderson still joins Performance Frontiers from time to time when the practice delivers programs for clients who are focused on the development of Strategy and Innovation.

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